I am a Brisbane based artist and my artwork takes form in a range of media including painting, drawing, collage, needlework, ceramics, photography and video art.

My paintings and photographs have appeared on many album covers, band merchandise and posters for artists such as Ed Kuepper, Laughing Clowns, The Saints and Raoul Graf. I screened projections of my artwork at GoMA when Laughing Clowns performed in 2009.

A selection of my music related artwork has featured in several group shows including  the prestigious exhibition Melbourne><Brisbane Punk, Art and After at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne University in 2010.

My illustrations and photographs have been published in children’s educational and fiction books.

I produce commissions on request and my work is represented in private collections locally and overseas.

I am a sessional lecturer and tutor at UQ, QUT and Griffith University. My subjects include Advertising, Visual Art Education, Visual Communication, Multiliteracies and Technology Education.

Artist’s Statement:

I am currently pursuing spatial/temporal themes using both photography and mixed media on paper. Working with a range of media enables me to create organically. The media suggest possibilities and influence directions and outcomes. Dreams and the imagination are central to my work; memory, time and the autobiographical are some of the underpinning themes. I am interested in perception and the relationship between the viewer and the artist.

Contact: judikuepper@hotmail.com



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