Conversations in Isolation

Conversations in Isolation, a collaboration between Judi Dransfield Kuepper and Ed Kuepper, is about the patterns, traces and artefacts of life in the time of the pandemic.

In the context of the massive dislocation of society, due to the many tragic and far-reaching consequences of the global pandemic, we’ve created an audio-visual time capsule that profiles us re-calibrating our internal lives and perspectives of home, longing and connection.

We pinpointed moments that nourished and intrigued us in times of crisis and uncertainty, by engaging with the materials and events in our lives during this time. Surviving lockdowns meant we became more resourceful, found inner strength, and renewed ties with family and loved ones.

Animism, the idea that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence, and the notion of the interconnection of all things, inspired a visual diary and a sonorous collection of music and incidental noise during this time.

As we turned our gaze upon ourselves, the torrid narratives from True Romance comics from the 1950s and 60s became a source of inspiration for the both the format and content of the artwork.

There was more time for reflection; we found new ways to work and rediscovered simple pleasures.

During quiet, still times in the pandemic we observed our our inner worlds and considered our diminished contact with the outer world. We reached out through social media and live streaming performances that were well attended and enabled broad communication and feedback with wide audiences.

The visual series entitled “Still Life in Lockdown” produced regular postings on Instagram, and fostered commentary and participation.

Limited Edition, signed high quality 12″ x 12 ” giclée prints of the artwork in the above display are $100 each plus postage.

A booklet of all the images is also available on request.

Please contact for all sales enquiries.

The audio release will be announced soon via the Ed Kuepper mailing list, and the Ed Kuepper Music Facebook page

We would like to thank Arts Qld for their support with this project.